When my mother first passed. I was so numb.  I thought that was grief. But then I got angry. And I thought that was grief, until I got  sad. Scary sad.  A sadness no one can understand until you’re in it. That lasted over a year.  I can finally feel the sun on my back. Some days I’m happy.  But there is still a huge emptiness deep inside me, that may never go away.  I was asked to repost this. I wrote this when I was deep deep in the isolation phase. It was a very dark depression. Losing a mother is indeed the hardest thing that will happen to you.


Sky filled clouds

Sunless days

Stormy nights

Shelter shed

Sleepless slumber

Sacred soul

Sacred mother

Gone. All Gone

No smile

No laugh

No sweet embrace

No eyebrow raise



Gone. All Gone

My starry night

My sweet hello

My desert sun

My halo moon

Rose in bloom

Gone. All Gone

You are my Angel now

My guide to light

My shattered soul

My wounded heart

One day

Gone. All Gone


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