Wishing for my Mother’s Ghost.


It’s been a lonely couple of weeks. I’ve spent so much time looking at mom’s pictures and ruminating on the life we’ve shared. Her last days. The last two weeks in December I spent with her. Our long talks. Thinking she was strong enough for me to leave her and continue with my life.

I’ve spent the last few days and night asking her to visit me. Be it in my dreams. My thoughts. As a ghost. I’ve been begging for a message that she is still with me. But nothing. I don’t know if this means she has already crossed over. If this is the case then she crossed over quickly and easily and maybe it’s better that she is not here.

But now I find myself wondering if there really is an afterlife. A heaven or a hell. Is this place we cross over to real? Or is it a place of hopeful imagination. A place we all hope to visit and reunite with our loved ones.

Throughout my grief I’ve consulted with three mediums. They all seem to pick up on my artistic ability particularly my writing. Two of them got my mother’s name and one of them didn’t pick up on my mother at all—but it was more of a reading than a meeting to speak to my mother. The readings weren’t amazingly accurate, although I wish they were and fueled by my mere wish to speak to my mother. To have a tie with her, now, even if she is in the spirit world. However, I’m not sure if it is real or if it exists.

Has anyone reading this post had a significant experience? If so, please share.


5 comments on “Wishing for my Mother’s Ghost.

  1. Abbie says:

    One time in church , before my mum passed, my daughter and I heard in church of a women who asked God to send her a dove as a sign that her brother (passed) was ok. She saw that dove and again later in a significant moment.

    My daughter really held on to this story and so after she passed we asked for a dove to show us my mum was ok. A few days later there was a dove on the grass outside the house – not normally something we saw there. It stayed long enough that I could summon my husband and children to see, and then it was gone. Even if it wasn’t a sign from my mum, it gave my daughter some peace around the loss of her ‘Gee’ and I’m good with that. x

  2. A dove. How beautiful. I believe in the spirit world. Not really sure how it communicates with us, but I know it’s there. I believe that was your mother, because I bet you haven’t had a similar experience since.

    Loss. So tragic. How do we survive it? It’s beautiful the way you handled death with your daughter, looking back I wish that were one of my life lessons. We simply aren’t equipped for the inevitability of death.

  3. Adriana E says:

    sometimes our loved ones whisper there presence in dreams, sometimes it’s as simple as thinking of them in a way that makes you smile…listen to your heart and when you feel that familiar happiness you’ll know that person is near

    • Thanks, Adriana. I used to find her in my dreams, but it’s been awhile. I do feel I had visitation dreams for awhile, but I have not had one in months. I know my mom is in me. I am in her spirit and she is in mine, you have no idea how much I wish I could hug her.

  4. Jen J. says:

    I am very fortunate. I have a friend who has the gift of being able to communicate with the spirit. When my uncle who raised me passed away she gave me my first reading. And she absolutely blew my mind. I had asked her to ask him what was the nickname he had for me as a child. Now there’s only one other person in this world that knows this name & that is my little brother. And when she replied with the correct answer I about fell out of my seat. She told me a lot of things my uncle wanted me to know and it was a beautiful experience. When my father passed away in December of 2013 his death was different. He had a seizure & fell into a canal & drowned. And my brother & I found him after searching for a week for him. My friend text me and told me my dad was coming thru to her & he was very groggy. And the first reading he wasn’t making a lot of sense. Because of the seizure, the second time he came thru he was fully aware of everything. My dad comes thru a lot & he is around me all the time. He comes to me in led Zeppelin songs. That was our thing. We loved led Zeppelin. My friend told me if I feel like my dad is around me that I should acknowledge it & say hello out loud & even talk to him. So that’s what I do. And what I can tell you is that since I have been doing this I feel my dad around me so much & I get signs from him all the time. It’s pretty amazing. Don’t give up hope there are real people out there than can talk & communicate with spirit. 💜

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