Mom: The Loss of a Super Hero


It’s been one year seven months and ten days since my Super Hero, my Mother, passed.  She was amazing. Up to the end.  She slipped away in her sleep– kidneys gave out after being on dialysis for three months.  She was only 69 and I was 39 when she left us and I have never been more devastated. Tragically, I was supposed to be her kidney donor, and sensing her growing frailty I wanted to push the transplant along, but we never got the chance.  Deep down, I suspect that my mother didn’t want to put me through the operation.  Deep down, I suspect she felt her own mortality and was prepared to die. 
Her passing occurred while I attending grad school at UCLA.  I took a whole two weeks off to be with my family in Texas before I returned to California…

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2 comments on “Mom: The Loss of a Super Hero

  1. Huddy says:

    Mom’s are that way! My mom didn’t start complaining about her discomfort until it was, basically, too late. It was never about her.

    • Mom’s are definitely self-sacrificial. At least our mom’s were. I do know some people whose mom’s weren’t like ours and it makes me sad to know they will never experience this type of love. I miss her sooooo soooo much. But the pain is lessening. Still working on getting out to the house though, that’s still hard. Thanks for your post.

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