Two Years Past….I Miss You Mom!


It’s been two years since she left us.
Two years since I got the call.
Two years spent lost inside myself,
In a sea of pain, struggling against each wave.
Hoping for a moment of peace.

I’ve cried inconsolably.
Lost friends. Made friends.
Days spent staring at four walls.
Nights spent in a dreamless haze wondering,
“Could this be real?”

Mistakes. I’ve made so many.
Hoping she’d somehow come,
And set me straight again.
To have her scream at me.
To hear her yell, “Stop! I love you!”

I think back to that day, that year, these nights,
And wonder how I’ve made it through,
With most of my heart torn away.
I’ve become sensitive,
Each slight an open wound.

I wish I could say more happy things.
I wish I could not feel the pain.
I wish I could live each day, as she would want me to,
But right now, I just pull through,
And to me, that is victory.

I miss you, Mom.
You were the greatest. Are the greatest.
Today, I hold on to the love you gave me,
And ask those closest to me,
To treasure the love of a mom.


3 comments on “Two Years Past….I Miss You Mom!

  1. Gary B. says:

    I hope it gets better. I’m just at 7 months and it’s unbearable. Your poem was put beautifully. Thank You.

  2. kenzelsfire says:

    Beautiful and incredibly touching.
    I still miss my mom. The weight of grief/sorrow changes with time. If you visit my blog, I’ve written about this loss twice. I hesitate to write about it thinking no one is really interested. I’ve always felt “different” because I became “motherless” so young. Last week marked 32 years since her death and I decided to write about it. But the one that started it all is partly titled, “Foreshadowing.”
    – Kenzel

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